Webinar Software, Just Part of the Package

Today we have the rebirth of a major player in the field of web based group communication. The creators of Hot Conference are back with a product that provides group conferencing for groups from 20 – 1000 at prices the competition can only dream about.

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Who Is Kevin Fahey?

Kevin is originally from Co. Kildare, Ireland, shortly after finishing his apprenticeship in bartending he moved to Spain and spent 7 years managing bars and nightclubs on the busy and competitive tourist island of Mallorca. During the quite winter months he developed an interest for designing websites and the power of Google. And shortly after he started his own Web Design & SEO Company.

In time he developed a love for working from home, and traveling and moved to Portugal. Within 6 months of starting in Internet Marketing Kevin had built a list of over 60,000 subscribers, achieved partially by establishing many successful membership sites. He currently overlooks the multi-lingual, and international advertising for many Real Estate Companies from the USA, UK & Spain supported by his own team of professionals while continuing to increase his online presence in the Internet Marketing scene with product development and helping many students discover online wealth.

For a number of years one of Kevin’s strategies has been to use PLR products, such as articles, videos, audios and software, to help his subscribers build their online and offline businesses.

PLR products enable a marketer to provide content to their subscribers, and are a proven method of establishing value and expertise in any given niche.

Just recently Kevin has updated his site with revised and new products and is relaunching, you can benefit from the huge number of free products available or if you recognise the quality of the offering you may wish to upgrade, your choice.

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