You have a Fan Page and have been building up interest and hoping it will translate into visits to your website. You find that people are visiting the facebook pageĀ  but still not many are getting to the final destination.
Don’t believe it can happen? Just take a stroll through Facebook and see the hoards of pages with less than 300 likes, all waiting like cast of lovers for the likes to return.
But all is not lost because here is an amazing piece of software called FB Shop Builder, developed by my marketing friend and everyday good guy Heri Rosyadi.

So what does this program do? Put simply and it is, you answer a few question, the number depends on the shop you want to build. The software generates some code which you place on your facebook page and your store is born.
With a focus on eBay and Amazon it can add value to your page far beyond the outlay

If You think this might be for you Click here and then enjoy the outcome.