Please take a look at Pet Treasure Chest, the latest offering from Amazon Queen Colleen Slater. Colleen provided me with her Pet Treasure Chest on review and I was expecting a high quality product, given her past performance, but even with that in mind I was gob smacked by the depth and quality of this offering.

1. The User Guide is detailed and user friendly, keep it open beside you as you explore the rest of the package.
2. Want to know the best products that are available, well Colleen’s research team has sorted through over half a million Amazon Pet product and found the best 1098 and given you an Excel spreadsheet with a huge array of data that starts with the product name and ends with a clickable link to a page containing at least 5 reviews of the product with ratings of 4 or more.
Then there are keywords, without them our Blogs and sites, would be ghost towns:
3. The over 30,000 long-tailed keywords, categorised under 20 headings, that cover all aspects of this niche.
4. Google Keywords spreadsheets divided into Phrase and Exact matched, with each containing sub-lists ranked as either Amazing, Great or Good. And Colleen has provided an extra guide file for this module, giving you great extra information on Google Keywords.
5. You are also provided with a list of the top 25 products in the niche overall. Each of these products are super sellers with hundreds of happy customers who have recommended them in written reviews. Can you imagine how much word of mouth advertising there is as well. You could take full advantage of this done for you treasure chest of information about products people are hungry for.
All the Keyword spreadsheets also contain a wealth of information about each word that adds to the efficiency and effectiveness of your campaigns.
6. Top 25 Video Product Reviews. These video clips provide you with a visual stimulus for those who prefer to be informed in this way, or simply as an additional source of customer information.
7. Just in case you need a page to display your chosen pet wares then you have a choice between three WordPress Themes for each of ten pet categories. Each is clean uncluttered and focused.
8. Or if you already have a theme perhaps a header for a post or page is more what you are looking for, well there are 30 headers included as well, very attractive and functional jpeg or PSD images means you can upload as is, or edit in Photoshop.
All in all a great package that points you towards one of the most active niche markets on the Internet, helps you identify your own micro-niche and sets you up with a range of tools to give you success in that market.
But that’s not all, there are four templates provided as a bonus.
a) A review template for use in Word or Word compatible applications. It outlines the kind of content you need for producing a balanced review of a product even your own.
b) A doc-sharing template
c) A template for producing a Powerpoint presentation.
d) A press release template.
Now the joy of these is that the templates are an actual real life document, so you can literally just cut and paste your way to writing confidence.
What is in this package is high quality, current information that is well worth the price that is being asked, but is there anything I would add to make it more complete? I thought about this for a long time and the only thing I could think of was some pet related clipart to enable you to jazz up a site. For $8US you will not get better value. If you have any interest in selling on Amazon then take a look by following this link.

In the Interest of Full Disclosure There is an OTO to the the above offer that costs $17US, I purchased this and while you do not need it to benefit from the content of Pets Treasure Chest, if you buy it it will take all the work out of establishing yourself in this niche, but that is a decision you need to make based on your particular circumstances. As I said I got the Pets treasure Chest as a review copy but was so impressed that I looked at the OTO and snapped it up.

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I just want you to be an informed buyer!


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