E-commerce Explained

E-Commerce is way of doing business transactions electronically.  The word electronically in this context means that in E-Commerce business transactions gets completed via electronic medium. This electronic medium mostly uses computers on Internet. The transaction may also be done through a mobile device, smartphone, iPad, Kindle, Android Tablet then it is mobile commerce. Mobile commerce is a subset of E-Commerce.

Several simple example of E-Commerce includes:
An individual purchases a book on Internet
An individual withdraws funds from ATM
A retailer orders merchandise using an EDI network or suppliers extranet
An individual or business calls a toll free number and orders the requirements using the seller’s interactive telephone system.
A manager orders office supplies for his office using Internet on a commercial website set-up for the seller.
An individual reserves a travel ticket or a room in a hotel using the Internet by surfing the related website using a few clicks of mouse.

A Complex examples could be:
A student visits the website of a bookstore on Internet and makes inquiries about the availability of an out of stock book. The bookstore employee receives the the enquiry and sources a digital copy of the book and responds to the enquiry with the  option and costs. The student agrees and uses a payment processor to pay for download and the book store employee gives the student a key to download the digital book. The bookstore employee harvests the students contact details and areas of interest and adds to a database which will email customers when books of possible interest arrive in the store or are put on sale.

E-Commerce transactions are great for small business as well as large because payment is made before goods are made available for digital download. The only things you should be aware of is:

a) Ensuring that your payment processor links are set-up properly

b) Ensuring that your server for the sales page and downloads is not going to crash because of  bandwidth or data transfer issues with your hosting company, or limitations in your own server set-up.

c) Ensuring that money back guarantee’s are honoured in a timely and friendly manner.

Remember, when you enter the world of digital downloads and E-Commerce that you expose yourself to the wiles of hackers and internet criminals. Ensure you have updated, anti-virus and malware plus I recommend the Avast Internet Security Suite, they have a free program if you want to check it out here http://www.avast.com/index, but any of the numerous anti-virus programs out there will provide you with protection, if you keep it up to date.  This precaution will help protect your financial information from others, who have no right to it. You can play your part as well by changing your passwords to critical accounts and sites.

To facilitate E-Commerce requires you to possess  an attitude that is open to change, innovation etc. Security of information is good if you take the precautions mentioned above and the quality of the product can usually be ascertained by going to forums that discuss the product or products of that type.


How To Build A Chicken Coop

Tight financial times have increased the appeal of “Do It Yourself” from those who are talented and/or enthusiastic to those who engage in DIY  because they are careful with money or can achieve development tasks around their houses or property’s by no other means.

After renovations to the family home, and shelter for farm implements and animal feed, building shelter for pets and animals comes a close third in the tasks that the DIYer will tackle.

Chickens both as pets, and egg producers deserve to be protected from the elements and  from predators that will kill them and eat their product. Providing such shelter not only benefits the birds but veterinarians and a large body of anecdotal evidence indicate that happy birds produce more regularly.

Often providing shelter has involved laying a concrete slab and erecting a store bought flat pack on it. The problem is that as you stand back and admire your handiwork, you will find that your pockets can be a thousand dollars lighter.

Karl Caden known as the Chicken Coop guy offers a package of 100 plans and “how to” videos to enable you to construct your own chicken coop of a size and with features that will suit you and your feathered friends. Each plan is very detailed taking you step by step through the process, in addition the accompanying videos provide further assistance if you need it. You will also be able to pre-cut and pre-label your materials, as each item is measured and labeled in the plans. Another feature is Karl’s focus on using inexpensive, versatile and strong materials proving a long lasting, weather, vermin and predator proof unit.

People who would not consider themselves carpenters, or even “Do It Yourselfer’s” find the package easy to follow and if the that is not enough Karl provides an extensive list of resources, that can assist you further.

As well as the 100+ plans, and the video series the package contains 3 more useful resources.

The Chicken Care Book

Chickens in Hot and Cold Climates. (How to make sure your chickens are healthy and happy no matter what the weather is doing.)

The Chicken Resource Book

All kinds of resources from

Breeders Groups where you might purchase your chicken

Feed Suppliers

Local Laws about keeping Chickens in your backyard

Right now Karl is offering a five component fast action bonus comprising:

Raising Chicks

We know in this case the egg came first and this guide will help you raise your chicks successfully from the brooder to the coop.

The Chicken Disease Diagnoser

Early symptoms and warning signs that can help you recognize and treat common fowl diseases.

Chicken Raising Terms A – Z

What’s the best breed for your use a Leghorn or an Orpington? What’s the Air Cell in an Egg? Why do you candle an egg? These questions and many more answered here

Easy Organic Egg Recipes

Over 100 recipes you can try, using the eggs your hens have produced.

Diets for Healthy Chickens.

What is the best diet for your chicken? Are there special diets for different life stages? Do roosters require a different diet to hens? Everything you want to know about what you should feed your chicken.

If you are planning to get chickens or planning to provide or improve the housing of those you already have, take a look at the package by visiting


Hope you enjoy