MS Access Ingenious Guru Tools- Review

Caveat On This Review

The caveat on this review of MS Access Ingenious Guru Tools is that we have as yet been unable to obtain a review copy of the program. Therefore the claims made are from the sales letter and have not yet been substantiated in an independent working environment.

We can say that there are no negative reviews of the product and that the two reviews we saw gave an overall 8.3/10. No further details were available, so the source and integrity of those reviews cannot be verified.

Should the authors decide to respond to our request and provide us with the means to test their claims we will review based on experience with the scripts.

Microsoft Access

MS Access is a serious program for creating relational databases. The level of design complexity able to be produced straight out of the box is impressive.
The average database builder will find it more than adequate for their needs, and any expenditure on enhancement would be a waste of resources.

However this is not the case when you start to become serious about programming in Access.
Here is where the flaws in Access become apparent. Flaws that make creating databases so full of mind numbing repetition and grunt work that there is no longer any joy in the process of creation.

MS Access Ingenious Guru Tools

Gives you eight smart wizards that enable you to reduce the time it takes to build your database by automating some of the “fiddly” but very important tasks, that underpin good structure and design.
Tasks such as:

  • Creating customised templates that reflect what you want to say.
  • Creating Forms and sub-forms with command buttons already in place and fully functional.
  • The ability to point to specific fields on a form and generate a report using them.
  • Ability to locate and decipher all your queries and map their relationship to one another

But that is just the beginning, the eight (8) wizards described below take a giant leap beyond the basic Access wizards. Why?

  • Because they automate more things.
  • Because they come with VBA code, giving you more control.

The eight tools are described in depth below. Then all that remains is for you to give them a try.

Tables and Forms Development Tool

Microsoft Access makes it easy to build tables, and once you build a table, Microsoft Access has wizards to build a form from that table.

Want To make that a one click process, with benefits?
The benefit is that you can add buttons of your choice, each with appropriate functional code and include that in the one click. That is table, form, functional buttons.

It’s easy.

Of course, your final form will need some tweaking, but not as much tweaking as with the built-in MS Access wizard, because you can customize this wizard.

It also comes with VBA code included, giving you full control, and so you can make this smart wizard even smarter.

Once you have planned your form, click Create Form and it’s done!

Well not quite, you then have a few more related options such as label position that can give your form a different look.

Forms VBA Code Development Tool

Microsoft Access, when designing forms, allows you to edit the VBA code for form and control events.

But to get to the code is quite cumbersome. You have to click in a couple different places, and once you do, it’s in a different window.

If all you’re doing is verifying the code, rather than writing the code, that’s a lot of extra work to click in different places and to switch windows back and forth.

How would you like a simpler code wizard that puts it all right in front of you?

Instantly see the code you want. Then if you see something that needs changing, just one click takes you the code module.

Query Development Tool

If your Microsoft Access database has fewer than a dozen queries, then maybe you can understand your queries and what they do.

This tool turns the nightmare into a dream.

Report Creator Development Tool

Making reports in Microsoft Access traditionally has been a step-by-step process.

  • You decide what fields you want on the report.
  • You figure out from what tables those fields come.
  • You make a query that grabs those fields.
  • You make a report based on that query.
  • You make sure the look and feel of this report reflects your other reports.
  • You equally space the controls on the report.
  • You add summary controls to the footer.

There are probably more steps that others would include but these will do for now.

This tool allows you to skip most of the above steps.

  • You open the form that has the fields you want. Not the table or a query the form.
  • Then focus on the first field and press Ctrl-E. That grabs the field. Do likewise for the rest of the fields that you want in your report. Just focus on the field and press Ctrl-E. That’s all.
  • Ask your client to make a screen print of the form and to circle the desired fields on the form. Then you won’t have to guess which fields your client wants on the report, and you’ll know on which fields to press Ctrl-E.)

  • Next, use the tool to create query and report with a click of a button. When done, you’ll be pleased to see that your report has the look and feel of any template report you choose. Your fields will be equally spaced (if there’s room). Your summary footer controls will be in place and positioned properly. Group headers and footers, as you choose, will be in place. And, if that’s not enough, remember, this comes with the VBA source code so that you can automate and automate.

Report Designer Development Tool

When modifying an Access report, do you forget:

  • Which group sections are visible or invisible?
  • Which fields are left or right aligned?

To figure out what’s what, you have to click on each section or control and view it’s properties.

If you have many sections or control that’s a lot of clicking.

This tool puts all the properties at your fingertips in one place and gives you the ability to change them from that place.

Report Criteria Development Tool

Does your Access application run reports?

Do your users like to run those reports using certain criteria (like date range)?

Setting that up on Access is time consuming asnd if there are more than a few criteria its very time consuming.

This tool enables that task to be completed very quickly.

It automatically finds the report and the fields in that report. Time spent? Zero seconds.

What’s left for you to do?

Select the fields that you want to use as criteria fields by clicking a checkbox.

It’s that easy! Instantly you have your criteria fields all set up.

Do you have to make criteria controls to go on the report criteria form?

No the tool does that automatically.

Do you write code to handle the criteria for the report?

No the tool does that automatically.

Just check a checkbox for the fields you want.

Is that all you have to do is click a checkbox?

Well, there’s one other little thing.

You can enter alias names for the fields.

When you do this, then “Date Started” shows as the label on the form instead of the real field name “dteStarted.” The alias determines the label caption.

The Edit Fields button lets you do this.

Main Menu Development Tool

The Microsoft Access switchboard menu is nice, but it has a couple drawbacks.

  • First, when you go to a submenu, the parent menu becomes hidden.
  • Second, it can be a little cumbersome to maintain.

    Now here’s the slickest main menu that you’ve ever seen. Remember, this comes complete with code, so that you can modify it in any way.

    Export Objects Development Tool

    After using the above development tools to efficiently create and modify your client’s database.

    What do you do with these development objects?

    Do you give your client this database with all the development tools intact?

    No, and that’s why we have an easy-to-use exporting tool that remembers when each object was last exported.

    Use this to export all non-development objects to the final destination Access database.

    Autokeys Development Tool

    Want more shortcuts?

    Here is an Autokeys macro that does the following:

    • Ctrl-M opens the main menu. Suppose you’ve designed and debugged, and now you want to test it. Ctrl-M opens the main menu without having to go hunt for it.
    • F10 opens the forms view in the database window. If you were last viewing tables or queries, you would have to click again to get to the forms. I hate extra clicks, don’t you? F10 goes directly to forms view.
    • Ctrl-D switches the active form to design view. (Of course, you could click to do the same thing, but this is a keyboard shortcut.)
    • Ctrl-R runs the form you are designing.
    • Ctrl-K turns echo off (in case you need it for some reason).
    • Ctrl-L aligns a label to the left of the control (assuming the label-control has a parent-child connection).
    • Ctrl-U aligns a label up to the top of the control (saves you a lot of dragging, resizing, and repositioning).

    VBA Code Examples

    All these development tools come with the VBA code behind them.
    That means you not only get the tools themselves, and can modify them.
    You can also use the sample code to learn from. By looking at the code, you will see some ways to handle:

    • Building SQL statements on the fly
    • Building combobox control sources on the fly
    • Using the MSysObjects table for faster access to database object names

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The Evolution Of Digital Downloads

History Of Digital Downloads

Libraries, art galleries, museums, universities, schools and government, initially saw digitalisation as:

  • A way of using the it to preserve artifacts, documents and treasures. Limiting access to the originals but expanding access by dissemination of the images and information associated with an item.
  • A way of quickly disseminating information to the general public, or particular groups of people, interest groups and employees. For example the introduction of new company or departmental policies or the introduction of new laws or rules.

That quickly changed. All of the above institutions and businesses plus a whole lot of new players started to see tremendous opportunities. How bypassing the machinery of conventional publishing could get information into the hands of people more efficiently and cheaply.

The Information Age

Information, software and scripts, music, video, audio and art; all became available to anyone with a computer and an internet connection. For a few dollars you could purchase something that would have cost four or five times as much in a hard copy. For much of the material of new creators, most of it never published before the value was even greater as they had no track record to recommend them.

The quality of the information published in those early days was variable to say the least, and many people lost money to the false information or dubious strategies, but equally so many benefitted from the information they purchased. The same variability applies today, because as soon as a protection is built into the industry, along comes a strategy to circumvent it.

The Shady Side Of Internet Marketing

Someone once compared the worst of Internet Marketers with Used Car Salesmen and the Used Car Salesmen were offended. Yes it’s very true that the underbelly of our industry is not very savory.


For example the regulators require us to put a disclaimer, that says:
“The Seller” can’t guarantee you the same results as “they” or people providing testimonials to the product, because “they” don’t know your work habits, ability to follow instructions consistently, and any number of other factors that could affect your ability to duplicate the system “they” use.

Now that is a fair disclaimer; one that shows a commitment to develop a mutual relationship.

Unfortunately the unscrupulous have used the disclaimer as a shield to protect outlandish claims.

So for a prospective buyer the text says:

  • Become a millionaire.
  • In a week.
  • Takes 20 minutes work per day.
  • Anyone can do it.
  • No experience necessary.
  • No skills required.
  • No discipline needed.

The Devil’s Disclaimer

While the small print, “the disclaimer” says to the new owner:

  • The author does not warrant at any time that the contents are accurate. (not even at the time of writing)
  • The author assumes no responsibility for errors, omissions, or contrary interpretation of the subject matter herein. (What about a simple mention on the sales page that these could exist)>
  • Any perceived slights of specific persons, peoples, or organizations other published materials are unintentional and used solely for educational purposes. (So why not say the guys think differently, check them out before you decide.) /li

    It Continues

  • No representation is made or implied that the reader will do as well from using the suggested techniques, strategies, methods, systems, or ideas; rather it is presented for news value only. (How come the copy says differently.)
  • The author does not assume any responsibility or liability whatsoever for what you choose to do with this information. (In the sales letter you say the method, if followed as you say, is legal and safe, suddenly it’s not!)
  • Any perceived remark, comment or use of organizations, people mentioned and any resemblance to characters living, dead or otherwise, real or fictitious does not mean that they support this content in any way. ( Why name drop unless those people will stand behind the product)
  • There are no guarantees of income made, traffic delivered or other promises of any kind. (Can understand the first two, but why make promises you can’t stand behind.)
  • By reading any document, the reader agrees that under no circumstances is the author responsible for any losses, direct or indirect, that are incurred as a result of use of the information contained within this document, including – but not limited to errors, omissions, or inaccuracies. (Why are these things mention in the main text of the sales letter)

Why would you buy from the purveyor of this product, who is saying in the final analysis you can’t have any faith in anything “he or she” says, or any course of action “they” recommend.

These are the highlights not the whole thing, from a real disclaimer.

How Come These Type Of Disclaimers Are Not Challenged

Because there are two groups of people that enable this unethical behavior to continue, two groups that make up most of those interested in Online Marketing:

  • Those attracted to opportunities with the lure of big dollars fast, with no work, and no credentials are often desperate rather than enthusiastic. They are likely to read the small print but still decide to take the gamble. Which is often why they are desperate in the first place.
  • The rest see the headlines and the bullet points and it seems to make sense, so they don’t bother to even read the disclaimer, because they don’t want to spoil their enthusiasm with negatives. They want to become independent of the “job” and are sure they will make it work somehow.

Take Action

Read every disclaimer and don’t buy products with disclaimers like the one above.

The niches where these abuses most frequently occur are the “Internet Marketing”, “Making Money Online”, and “Home Business”. Avoiding these niches is one option, due diligence is another, while a combination of the two makes a third.

My Experience

Now I am over 70, I have been around marketing and on the internet for 26 years and still have not found any way that you can be fabulously rich without doing any work. It is ridiculous to believe that the “four hour workweek” can be achieved next week, next month or next year.

Working online has shown me that I do need some knowledge to begin an online business and that I will need to keep on learning, until I quit working online.

Presuming you have a decent computer and an internet connection of some kind with the best speed you can afford. There are some things you need on the internet to run a viable business, that includes a website with a product, niche or brand domain name and email.

Where Are We With Digital Products In the Second Decade Of The 21st Century


It used to come boxed with paper manuals so thick you could get a hernia lifting them, now more and more software even from the mainstream publishers like Microsoft and Adobe is now delivered via your computer. Saving the planet’s resources and your shelf space. The sophistication of many of these software offerings is utterly astounding and they now usually come with a try before you buy option, never available in the days of manuals and disks.

Some of the task integration and automation systems that have been been developed in the last five years, can certainly reduce the soul destroying repetitive tasks associated with this endeavor and allow the non techie person to build pages, and construct funnels.

Including Virii and Malware detectors and destroyers, registry cleaners continue to provide an important level of security to individual and networked computers.

Themes Plugins and Training For CMS’s such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal seem to be never ending.

The perception that software has more value than other digital products keeps this sector vibrant. The fact that simple software is within the grasp of most computer users, make it a great choice for anyone with development aspirations.


Written on every subject known to man are now sold digitally at the rate of 2 for every 1 sold using paper, the advent of iPad, Kindle and other book readers has driven this rapid expansion.

The quality is variable as the big players let the market decide what is good, based on the levels of satisfaction from those who have already purchased.

Audio Recordings

Of both music and the spoken word are now more frequently downloaded than purchased in a music store, and the quality of the recording does not deteriorate even over long period of time. Your MP3 player might get scratched,  but not the recording and your entire CD collection can be kept on an one iPod or similar. Add to that that many Kindle readers have an audio component with either computerised or human voices available.


Video and Audio combine to invade almost every other media. Training videos are a great OTO for a eBook, for software, as an addition to musical audios.


Static maps that can be printed have been around for a time but software that enables a GPS receiver to function are much more recent and these can now be obtained for most major cities and countries around the world, great if you plan to drive on your holiday, trip, or even around your own town.


In recent times Artists are selling their work as high definition digital downloads that can be printed by the purchaser and framed. Print runs are limited in number to maintain value and the purchaser can save huge amounts in freight and insurance. Should the picture be damaged there are secure ways that the legitimate owner can get it reprinted.

Hopefully we can develop a relationship with you that will help you establish yourself as a creator or affiliate for one or more of these types of digital material.

Or maybe you have another plan and are looking for the best digital products to operationalise it.

Our aim is to give you the best help advice and fit for your needs.

Top PLR Membership Site Is Free

PLR Wholesaler

This is for real, a fully loaded PLR membership site containing more current PLR material than you will find on most paid sites. As you sign up you will be given some one time offers, they are amazing value, but you do not have to buy. When your sign up is complete you will be a VIP member with access to this treasure trove of reports, training, and software.
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Watch the very short video for “Eight Tips On How To Use PLR To Make Money. More information on PLR products and your business below the Video.

Private Label Rights (PLR)

is a licensing concept used in internet marketing, where the author of a product sells most or all of the intellectual property rights to their work. The terms of license is defined by the author of the work and as such is legally binding.
Similar licenses used in internet marketing and often included in the term PLR are Master Resell Rights (MRR) and Resell Rights (RR).

In general PLR gives the buyers all or most rights to a product, complete rebranding and authorship. Whereas MRR and RR will often limit editing and rebranding rights to sales letters, squeeze pages, download pages and thank you pages.

The holder of a MRR license has the right to give resell rights to his or her buyer whereas the owner of a RR license cannot allow their buyers to sell the product, only use it for personal use.

All that being said you need to read each license to ensure you comply with the specific terms contained in the license. Which can also include minimum prices that the product can be sold for if you have MRR or RR rights. This is an attempt to hold prices for all buyers.

What Products Can You Use It For

The license is used for various digital products such as articles, reports, case studies ebooks, training, software, graphics, templates, audios, slides and videos etc.

In general distribution, because there are many buyers of the same product, the price of a single unit is generally lower than if one would create a similar product from scratch (either alone or by outsourcing).

However, the seller can limit the distribution to several hundred or even several thousand and get a higher price. You need to be assured of the integrity of your seller before entering into these kinds of arrangements. Unfortunately history shows claims of restricted sales have sometimes been false, so you buy a product believing you are one of only 200 to have it and find that in actual fact sales were in the thousands or even tens of thousands.

The major use of this type of product is to enable blog and website owners to have access to supplies of new products or content, that they can pass onto their subscribers.


There are three huge advantages to using Private Label Content:

    First, PLR content can be a huge timesaver! All the research, writing, and proofreading is already done for you if you purchase from a reputable PLR provider. So even if you rewrite the research factor is done for you.

    Secondly, using PLR saves money. Hiring a writer or buying exclusive rights can be extremely expensive! Private Label Content is definitely the most cost effective option due to the fact that it is distributed to many people the cost is a lot lower. If you rewrite or even rearrange you can add your own unique spin to things.

    Finally, PLR allows you to become an expert on a subject even if you know nothing about it. The right PLR seller will provide well-researched quality articles. The best part of Private Label content is that you can put your own name on it and claim it as your own! As stated previously you should always rewrite or at least rearrange to provide that personal touch.

Purchasing Limited PLR, which means that only a specific number of copies are being sold helps by reducing the number of others using the same content.


Due to private label rights being distributed to multiple customers, the exclusivity or unique content can be watered down by thousands of people using the content, while this is theoretically true it is not often experienced given the huge numbers of people on the internet and the way they rewrite or rearrange the content they purchase as PLR.

However ethical marketers are often hesitant about incorporating private label content into their marketing campaigns because they want those campaigns to have integrity.

In addressing this it is important to consider the number of books, novella, and short stories that have been written over time, millions, maybe even hundreds of millions. Google says that 129 million have been published yes that’s a huge number.

Then as if to make it even more difficult, experts say that when choosing a plot we have between three and thirty six to choose from.

You would think we would all be dying from boredom, buy we are not, because the secret sauce is the way we tell the story, it is that which makes us read the same plots again and again and again.

Private Label Content is only the plot that with our rewriting can change a resource into “go to” material.

In summary, if you have PLR content you should consider revising and improving it before distributing that content under your own brand.

Webinar Software, Just Part of the Package

Today we have the rebirth of a major player in the field of web based group communication. The creators of Hot Conference are back with a product that provides group conferencing for groups from 20 – 1000 at prices the competition can only dream about.

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Virtual Private Networks, Internet TV and Other Things

VPN, or Virtual Private Networks, are networks that make use of the internet to offer secure access to a network. What it does is summarize transfers of data between two (or more) networked devices so that the data that is transferred can remain private. VPN is therefore an ideal platform for viewing international television.

When using a VPN with an internet TV channel provider, a wide variety of different television channels from the US, UK and Canada are accessible online which were previously only available to residents of that country. It allows for expatriates globally to watch broadcasts from their computers via the internet. This is a very unique and useful system. And here’s why:

How a VPN works is as follows: only a personal computer and internet connection can be used. An account must then be opened with an internet TV channel provider, and within minutes, the VPN can be activated. This system allows for access to the internet without any restrictions or circumventing blocks that make it difficult to make international calls via Skype or MSN, and eliminates internet censorship in places like the Middle East, Dubai and China by making previously blocked and censored channels, web sites and blogs available.

To set up a VPN is easy! You don’t need to be an IT technician to enable this; all you need is a quality internet TV provider and a working internet connection.

Other advantages of having a VPN service  are having protection when using wireless hotspots, complete anonymity as your IP address cannot be tracked, and being able to access online gambling sites, which are now restricted in many countries.

All that said, however, perhaps the biggest advantage of having a VPN is the fact that it is one of its sidebar features is free long-distance phone calls, which can be a major factor despite the existence of Skype and Yahoo.

A word of caution, watching TV over a VPN does require an Internet connection with a speed of at least 1mbps so it’s critical, that you check anticipated speed, not theoretical speed before signing up to any package offering TV over the Internet, most users need a connection speed between 1.5 and 2 MB to guarantee live TV streaming without any interruptions. At peak times, download speeds usually by up to half, making viewing impossible.

There are several types of VPN’s:

PPTP VPN (point-to-point), which is a simple method of software-based VPN systems which makes use of an already existing internet connections. It essentially creates a “tunnel” between two users.

Similarly, STS (site to-site) VPN makes use of each site with its own internet connection, which doesn’t necessarily have to be the same.

MPLS is an IPS-tuned VPN that needs two or more sites connected by the same ISP. It stands for Multi-Protocol Label Switching.

Some VPNs are hardware-based, others software-based, and certain VPNs are Firewall-based.

E-commerce Explained

E-Commerce is way of doing business transactions electronically.  The word electronically in this context means that in E-Commerce business transactions gets completed via electronic medium. This electronic medium mostly uses computers on Internet. The transaction may also be done through a mobile device, smartphone, iPad, Kindle, Android Tablet then it is mobile commerce. Mobile commerce is a subset of E-Commerce.

Several simple example of E-Commerce includes:
An individual purchases a book on Internet
An individual withdraws funds from ATM
A retailer orders merchandise using an EDI network or suppliers extranet
An individual or business calls a toll free number and orders the requirements using the seller’s interactive telephone system.
A manager orders office supplies for his office using Internet on a commercial website set-up for the seller.
An individual reserves a travel ticket or a room in a hotel using the Internet by surfing the related website using a few clicks of mouse.

A Complex examples could be:
A student visits the website of a bookstore on Internet and makes inquiries about the availability of an out of stock book. The bookstore employee receives the the enquiry and sources a digital copy of the book and responds to the enquiry with the  option and costs. The student agrees and uses a payment processor to pay for download and the book store employee gives the student a key to download the digital book. The bookstore employee harvests the students contact details and areas of interest and adds to a database which will email customers when books of possible interest arrive in the store or are put on sale.

E-Commerce transactions are great for small business as well as large because payment is made before goods are made available for digital download. The only things you should be aware of is:

a) Ensuring that your payment processor links are set-up properly

b) Ensuring that your server for the sales page and downloads is not going to crash because of  bandwidth or data transfer issues with your hosting company, or limitations in your own server set-up.

c) Ensuring that money back guarantee’s are honoured in a timely and friendly manner.

Remember, when you enter the world of digital downloads and E-Commerce that you expose yourself to the wiles of hackers and internet criminals. Ensure you have updated, anti-virus and malware plus I recommend the Avast Internet Security Suite, they have a free program if you want to check it out here, but any of the numerous anti-virus programs out there will provide you with protection, if you keep it up to date.  This precaution will help protect your financial information from others, who have no right to it. You can play your part as well by changing your passwords to critical accounts and sites.

To facilitate E-Commerce requires you to possess  an attitude that is open to change, innovation etc. Security of information is good if you take the precautions mentioned above and the quality of the product can usually be ascertained by going to forums that discuss the product or products of that type.


Combine Cable Services From Your Local Supplier

In most places in the world your television is now digital, so if you haven’t switched yet you will be looking at snow on your screen, unless of course you are viewing cable TV, then you don’t you don’t have to run out and buy new equipment or more ‘stuff”, the transition is taken care of for you. Digital television pictures are crisper in definition and the colour palette is superior to the old RGB system, and cable digital TV is not subject to the pixelation that can occur in certain weather conditions with free to air or satellite offerings.

Added benefits when it comes to digital television are that you get to enjoy a far wider range of programming from sport, to films, to current affairs to comedy, even your hobbies, history, documentaries and the kids have their own dedicated channels. In some sectors such as sports, movies and kids there are a number of competing offerings on the same cable network.

Then there is DVR, one of the greatest perks of digital cable is Digital Video Recording. you can save a whole season and play it back on those cold or wet weekends that TV was made for. It’s easy to schedule recordings so you never miss a show. Digital cable is in my opinion the best way to receive television available, but apart from that it is possible to save money by getting multiple service packages through your digital cable company.

These include:

Digital phone services. Packages include voicemail, caller id and call waiting, 1800 numbers that enable your kids or other significant people to contact you a zero cost. More recently the mobile phone has become a platform for email and internet services.

High Speed Cable Internet. Many people find it surprising that a cable modem can compete with a T1. This is possible because you are not sharing the cable, therefore you get the benefit of getting the speed that is advertise rather then the poor imitation provided by Wifi, Satellite and Phone line Internet Service Providers (ISP’s).  This means you can be realistically involved in multiplayer online gaming, movie downloads, uploading video and photo collections, linking into your university, college or high school educational and social opportunities, video and audio chat as well as surfing and emails served to you smoothly and clearly week after week and month after month. High Speed Cable Internet takes internet usage out of the realm of the nerd and gives it value for each family member.

A recent addition to the cable stable, please don’t applaud it comes naturally, are premium services. For example:

Premium Movies. Usually those that have just finished their cinema runs but are not yet released on DVD, can be had as premium channels or on a Pay Per View (PPV) basis.

Sporting Events. Pro Wrestling and Boxing, plus the finals of minor sports fall into this category and can be purchased as PPV.

AGM’s of Major Companies. These events are paid for by the company as a service to shareholders, some utilise Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) to make these shareholder meetings interactive.

Both these sets of services are available from providers using both satellite and cable, in my view cable provides a much more stable system, but availability may also affect your choice.

Finally don’t forget the advantages of bundling, some companies offer 20 – 30% discounts when you bundle TV, Internet and Phone services together so inquire before you buy.



Stop Paying Cable Bills

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In today’s rocky economic climate, most households are cutting back wherever they can. And with cable and satellite television costing anywhere from $65- $150 a month (more if you count premium movie channels) many people are making their television sets the first part of their homes to get the axe. But what if there was a way to enjoy thousands of television channels, including hard to find international shows and sports programming, and never pay another monthly cable bill again?

Welcome to Satellite Direct- the future of television.

With no subscription services or monthly bills, no hardware to install, and 24/7 unlimited access, is it any wonder that Internet Media Magazine hailed Satellite Direct as “unequivocally the best TV to PC software on the net”? Don’t be fooled by other so called “Great Deals” on satellite television service for your PC that give you only limited access to channels, or have dozens of hidden fees that end up costing you more than your current cable service.

For less than the price of one month’s subscription cable or satellite service, you can enjoy a lifetime of television- over 3,500 channels!- from the convenience of your laptop or desktop. And forget the hassles of waiting for installation, or hours on hold with the cable company. Installing Satellite Direct is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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With crystal clear picture and sound quality, exceptional customer service, and a lifetime of television for less than you’d pay for just one month of cable service, Satellite Direct is the best way to get the most for your TV dollar.

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