The Advantages And Disadvantages Of ADSL And How To Get The Most Out Of It.

ADSL stands for an “Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line” and is a modified form of the sort of DSL high-speed internet that has been in use in Australia for decades. It is intended to improve the ability of digital signals to be sent over traditional copper cables, in order to increase the amount of bandwidth available for downloading.

This is done at the cost of upload speed, which is significantly decreased. However, most home users who wish only to browse the net do not need to use a lot of upload bandwidth.

In fact, only web servers need to have access to high upload speeds, and so, using ADSL in a home capacity maximizes the benefit of traditional DSL when it comes to home use.

All DSL lines work by sending digital signals over a traditional phone line, allowing for more information to be sent than through the traditional analogue means, such as those used by telephones and modems.

One of the advantages of this method is that there is so much “space” left in the line, in terms of bandwidth, that a line could be used both to transmit an analogue phone call and serve as a DSL connection. This eliminates the need for additional lines.

In order to boost the amount of space available for download, an ADSL unit uses what is known as a “splitter” to diversify and prioritize the sort of connections and digital information being sent down the line.

The digital information is then processed by the phone company and sent directly to its servers, bypassing most of the phone system and enabling for the fastest connections physically possible through traditional copper land lines.

ADSL’s primary disadvantage is that it, like all DSL connections, is limited by the amount of cable which separates the modem from the nearest phone hub. If the information needs to travel only a short distance, say two or three kilometres, then the “loss” of information inherent in sending digital signals down old-fashioned copper lines is minimal.

DSL is generally not practical if the distance to the nearest phone hub is more than four kilometres unless the wires are of a particularly high gauge.

For people who live in a highly populated area, or near a major phone hub, they will often find that ADSL is not only much faster than traditional modem connections, it is much faster than alternatives, such as cable or satellite.

As previously mentioned, ADSL further speeds up DSL by opening up more of the line’s bandwidth for downloads, which is what most home users primarily require.

Existing ADSL users will find that there are many methods by which they can maximize their connection. Obviously replacing the copper cable or moving closer to a phone hub is not a typical response, nor is it practical nor is it affordable as an option for most users!

However, it is possible to upgrade one’s ADSL connection in many cases simply by installing better hardware. The amount of bandwidth accessible through a DSL line is limited by physics, but the manner in which that bandwidth is divided is entirely dependent on a user’s hardware and software.

Every year, better and better splitters are developed. These allow for an ADSL user to more carefully manage their upload and download speeds. Another way to maximize the speed of an ADSL connection is to avoid multiple downloads and instead download one item at a time.

ADSL connections degrade when they have to download from multiple contacts at a time, and so it is possible to download things faster if they are downloaded one after the other instead of all at the same time.

5 Ways To Save On Music Downloads

Money is tight but life without music would be really dull.  Luckily for us, there are few ways to cut expenses and still get music music music.

First, make use of the CDs that you already have. Rip CDs to mp3 and upload music to your portable player instead of purchasing the same music directly in MP3 format. While this doesn’t increase your music collection, it uses the cd’s you bought but no longer get to listen to because your disc-player has been changed for mp3
Second, search for free music sites. Often they are not so good-looking as iTunes and the free tag often has conditions such as free to listen,  but it’s worth having a look because it is surprising the number of hit and complete tracks, from original artists that can be had for an afternoon of digital downloading.  The bad thing about them is that tracks may be not in popular mp3 format, but a good audio converter will do the job.

Thirdly, there are also sites out there where new artists give teasers of their cd’s to promote themselves, and some of that original and even the cover stuff is worthy of a listen. In fact some of the biggest artists are now following this trend, of providing digital downloads of a track from an upcoming album. A Google search got huge results. Click this link:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=9245e7f818e9d419&biw=1440&bih=795

Fourthly, nowadays almost every music store offers music in mp3 (about $10), Free Lossless Audio Codec or FLAC (about $12) and a physical CD (over $20). Many people buy mp3 and a CD in a bundle. That’s a waste of money. You can buy a FLAC  copy and later convert it to mp3 or any other format using Total Audio Converter. Keeping in mind that FLAC is an exact copy of the CD so you can burn an excellent physical disc using free standard windows tools.

Fifthly, is that a word, there are sites like Ultra Music Downloads that offer you unlimited number of downloads without the pain of paying for each track. You pay an annual membership and get unlimited access to the database of music, movies and games. If you like to get new music every month that will save you a lot of money.Ranging from $20 per year to $79.95 you get what you pay for, but saying that the $20 site isn’t bad.

This could be sixthly but it would mean re-writing the title and it’s late so  I’ll just say many music sites also offer a radio service. So you listen to full-length songs from their catalogs absolutely free.

So when the word cutbacks is mentioned you now have some decent alternatives that can provide your music fix.


E-commerce Explained

E-Commerce is way of doing business transactions electronically.  The word electronically in this context means that in E-Commerce business transactions gets completed via electronic medium. This electronic medium mostly uses computers on Internet. The transaction may also be done through a mobile device, smartphone, iPad, Kindle, Android Tablet then it is mobile commerce. Mobile commerce is a subset of E-Commerce.

Several simple example of E-Commerce includes:
An individual purchases a book on Internet
An individual withdraws funds from ATM
A retailer orders merchandise using an EDI network or suppliers extranet
An individual or business calls a toll free number and orders the requirements using the seller’s interactive telephone system.
A manager orders office supplies for his office using Internet on a commercial website set-up for the seller.
An individual reserves a travel ticket or a room in a hotel using the Internet by surfing the related website using a few clicks of mouse.

A Complex examples could be:
A student visits the website of a bookstore on Internet and makes inquiries about the availability of an out of stock book. The bookstore employee receives the the enquiry and sources a digital copy of the book and responds to the enquiry with the  option and costs. The student agrees and uses a payment processor to pay for download and the book store employee gives the student a key to download the digital book. The bookstore employee harvests the students contact details and areas of interest and adds to a database which will email customers when books of possible interest arrive in the store or are put on sale.

E-Commerce transactions are great for small business as well as large because payment is made before goods are made available for digital download. The only things you should be aware of is:

a) Ensuring that your payment processor links are set-up properly

b) Ensuring that your server for the sales page and downloads is not going to crash because of  bandwidth or data transfer issues with your hosting company, or limitations in your own server set-up.

c) Ensuring that money back guarantee’s are honoured in a timely and friendly manner.

Remember, when you enter the world of digital downloads and E-Commerce that you expose yourself to the wiles of hackers and internet criminals. Ensure you have updated, anti-virus and malware plus I recommend the Avast Internet Security Suite, they have a free program if you want to check it out here, but any of the numerous anti-virus programs out there will provide you with protection, if you keep it up to date.  This precaution will help protect your financial information from others, who have no right to it. You can play your part as well by changing your passwords to critical accounts and sites.

To facilitate E-Commerce requires you to possess  an attitude that is open to change, innovation etc. Security of information is good if you take the precautions mentioned above and the quality of the product can usually be ascertained by going to forums that discuss the product or products of that type.


Combine Cable Services From Your Local Supplier

In most places in the world your television is now digital, so if you haven’t switched yet you will be looking at snow on your screen, unless of course you are viewing cable TV, then you don’t you don’t have to run out and buy new equipment or more ‘stuff”, the transition is taken care of for you. Digital television pictures are crisper in definition and the colour palette is superior to the old RGB system, and cable digital TV is not subject to the pixelation that can occur in certain weather conditions with free to air or satellite offerings.

Added benefits when it comes to digital television are that you get to enjoy a far wider range of programming from sport, to films, to current affairs to comedy, even your hobbies, history, documentaries and the kids have their own dedicated channels. In some sectors such as sports, movies and kids there are a number of competing offerings on the same cable network.

Then there is DVR, one of the greatest perks of digital cable is Digital Video Recording. you can save a whole season and play it back on those cold or wet weekends that TV was made for. It’s easy to schedule recordings so you never miss a show. Digital cable is in my opinion the best way to receive television available, but apart from that it is possible to save money by getting multiple service packages through your digital cable company.

These include:

Digital phone services. Packages include voicemail, caller id and call waiting, 1800 numbers that enable your kids or other significant people to contact you a zero cost. More recently the mobile phone has become a platform for email and internet services.

High Speed Cable Internet. Many people find it surprising that a cable modem can compete with a T1. This is possible because you are not sharing the cable, therefore you get the benefit of getting the speed that is advertise rather then the poor imitation provided by Wifi, Satellite and Phone line Internet Service Providers (ISP’s).  This means you can be realistically involved in multiplayer online gaming, movie downloads, uploading video and photo collections, linking into your university, college or high school educational and social opportunities, video and audio chat as well as surfing and emails served to you smoothly and clearly week after week and month after month. High Speed Cable Internet takes internet usage out of the realm of the nerd and gives it value for each family member.

A recent addition to the cable stable, please don’t applaud it comes naturally, are premium services. For example:

Premium Movies. Usually those that have just finished their cinema runs but are not yet released on DVD, can be had as premium channels or on a Pay Per View (PPV) basis.

Sporting Events. Pro Wrestling and Boxing, plus the finals of minor sports fall into this category and can be purchased as PPV.

AGM’s of Major Companies. These events are paid for by the company as a service to shareholders, some utilise Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) to make these shareholder meetings interactive.

Both these sets of services are available from providers using both satellite and cable, in my view cable provides a much more stable system, but availability may also affect your choice.

Finally don’t forget the advantages of bundling, some companies offer 20 – 30% discounts when you bundle TV, Internet and Phone services together so inquire before you buy.