Hi there,

This page is about us letting you know who we are.

I’m Charles Bannister and with my beautiful wife Catherine we own several places on the Internet where you can buy goods and services, both physical products and digital.

charles, cathy and mica

baby lillian

We live on the island of Mindanao, in the beautiful Philippines, with our baby Lilian Ymres.


This site is dedicated to selling products developed by others and when you buy an item they pay us a commission.

The jargon for that is we are affiliates.

Affiliates often sell both physical and digital products, but we will be focused on digital products. If you are looking for physical products try www.isellstamps.com or www.makemeagardener.com.


So on this site we will be promoting:

  • books
  • reports
  • ecourses
  • videos
  • software
  • spoken audios
  • music
  • and anything else that can be digitised and downloaded onto a computer.

We try to only sell products which are the best of their kind, and often we will get a copy of the product and give you a review of it, telling you if all the hype delivers.

We also recognise that there is no complete solution to be found in one product, witness the plethora of video creation products that have flooded the market place in recent months. Many are very good quality, but focus on different parts of the process or use a different approach to the same part.

We will be there with you helping you sort out products that are complimentary and warning you where we think, if you have product A then you don’t really “need” product B.

The world of digital downloads is exciting and vibrant and developments in the future promise to be no less so. Through this site it will all be available to you 24hours/7days a week/52 weeks a year. So we hope you will use the site as your starting point for all digital downloads

If its down-loadable and it’s good value we want to know about it so we can tell you and tell the world about it and who we are.